2011 job data – hopeful signs, or just a blip?

The latest monthly data published by reed.co.uk and taken from the end of 2011 points to a significant year-on-year increase in job opportunities, even at a time when economic forecasts were at their gloomiest.

Reed’s figures highlight a 17% year-on-year rise in activity in December 2011 from a year before, with roles in some technical sectors performing incredibuly strongly – some showing up to 40% year-on-year growth.

The data seems to offer a glimmer of hope against an altogether more pessimistic backdrop, although today also saw the release of CIPD projections of up to 120,000 job losses in 2012.

It seems certain that 2012 will be another challenging year for recruitment and HR in general, and it could be that the encouraging statistics from Reed are simply a fleeting bit of positivity before things get worse.

But what are your hiring intentions for the year ahead? There are undoubtedly still roles that need to be filled – not to mention the prospect of new roles that will be created as the year unfolds. So, what does your staffing to-do list look like?

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