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Internet reputations precede job candidates

Louise Triance, author of Louise’s UK Recruiter Blog, references new research from Viadeo about “internet reputation” or Net Rep (about which see more in next week’s Personnel Today). It seems recruiters are “Googling” potential candidates by putting their name into internet search engines such as Google. This can give them unexpected insights into an individual, […]
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Bongo Drums

African rhythms energise the public sector

Guru headed south to Brighton for this year’s Public Sector People Managers (PPMA) annual conference to hob nob with the high powered and highly paid chiefs of public sector personnel. The programme promised a surprise opening to the conference, and didn’t disappoint. As delegates filtered into the conference hall they found a bongo drum and […]
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Asda launches own-brand humble pie – yuck!

Fellow business blogger Flip Chart Fairy Tales reports on a recent event at which Asda‘s people director David Smith argued that HR needs to remove poor performing staff – a process he refers to as “removing the red” – and hire on attitude rather than skill. Guru had his own spies at this ‘seminar’, and […]
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Boys Team

Battle of the sexes result

It’s the news you’ve all been waiting for. Who won Personnel Today‘s battle of the sexes in the Osborne Clarke Business Challenge at the Asics Reading Half Marathon on Sunday? Well Guru can reveal that bragging rights go to… the boys! Their ‘This Time it’s Personnel’ team crossed the line in 2 hours and 2 […]
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False Teeth

Manual workers captured on camera

Guru stumbled across this excellent website: Working Life Celebrated in Photographs and took a trip down memory lane. The Working Life site is the brain child of documentary photographer Nick Hedges and graphic designer Alan Hughes and contains “photographs [that] bear testimony to the millions of workers who laboured in Britain’s factories, mines and shipyards, […]
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HR world domination plan

Guru received a message from Disciple Kat (who is also one of Guru’s cherished MySpace friends). She’s a human resources professional and Blackpool lass who obviously likes her beer, and she has come up with an excellent idea. Kat writes: After the success of Guru’s Day of Grace campaign, how about a national holiday for […]
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Brian Weatherley

Vibrators contribute to road safety

Guru is firmly establishing himself in the ‘blogosphere’ and attracting learned interest from far and wide. Only this afternoon he was paid a visit by the highly respected author of the leading trucking blog, who begged him to link the Guru Blog through to his own quaint HGV-inspired meanderings. Big Lorry Blog is described thus: […]
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Uncanny Take That lookalikes running for glory

When Guru inadvertently committed his chums at Personnel Today to running the Asics Reading Half Marathon, little did he expect the deluge of responses to his request for running songs to put on the teams’ iPods while they stagger around the course. The top 10 has been selected by Yours Truly and the aforementioned music-playing […]
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Britney Peers

Spoof occupational health film starring Britney

Yours Truly has done it again and stumbled upon another excellent video on YouTube. This one looks at safe viewing distances from your computer screen – something tells me that Municipal Waste Industries’ occupational health department might have bit too much budget on their hands. Open this up in full and then click play – […]
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Czech out this Irish firm

Guru has just returned from an extremely post-modern weekend celebrating St Patrick’s Day with Irish businesses in the Czech Republic. Swigging back strong Czech lager while watching the Irish cricket team triumph over Pakistan in the West Indies and discussing employee migration from Lithuania to England, Yours Truly felt extremely international and sophisticated. A few […]
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