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A guru’s lot is most certainly a happy one

Guru told you that Jessica Hagy’s Indexed blog was pure genius. See for yourself…
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EC Harris

The key to employee engagement? Free booze!

Diversity and employee engagement are big issues for business – and rightly so. For a start, Guru contends that blue people are massively under-represented and misunderstood in the workplace. And so it was that Guru found himself last night at a diversity and employee engagement seminar at the swanky new Kings Cross offices of property […]
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John Sergeant and Jo Brand

Sergeant majors on humour for HR directors

The guest speaker at this week’s Personnel Today HR Directors Club breakfast briefing was former ITN political correspondent John Sergeant. You’ll remember him as the man made famous when then prime minister Margaret Thatcher and her press supremo Sir Bernard Ingham elbowed him out of the way on the steps of the British embassy in […]
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cricket stumps

Guru stumped by tenuous link to cricket coach

Amazing as it might seem, Duncan Fletcher’s resignation as England cricket coach has highlighted a key business issue that not enough companies take into account. That’s according to Guru’s favourite business pyschology firm OPP. Never slow to jump on any bandwagon that might happen to be trundling by at the time, the company thinks employers […]
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Beach Volleyball

Guru bids for Olympic glory – stuff that!

Guru can only apologise to his disciples that yesterday’s first blog posting was late (uploaded at 12.15pm, rather than the usual pre-9am). Guru had arrived in the office nice and early and begun his 15-minute index finger warm up routine, when he was suddenly called into an urgent meeting to “review our taxonomy in […]
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HR Guru

Guru gets all patriotic on St George’s Day

Happy St George’s Day, by the way. You might need Guru’s reminder of the significance of 23 April, since there don’t seem to be many others celebrating England’s patron saint. The Welsh proudly sport their leeks and daffodils on St David’s day; the Scots don tartan and quote Rabbie Burns for St Andrew; and those […]
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German wisdom silences equal pay bluster

Guru picked up on a story last week that seemed to have dropped below the radar of most media outlets. A study by German academics – who else – found that equal pay was unfair and penalised workers who put in the most effort. Real fairness would be paying staff according to how hard and […]
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Blue sky thinking in the, er… sky

Having recently been so disparaging about press releases, Guru is now somewhat abashed to be blogging about a second one in less than a week. But when this beauty arrived from De Vere Venues, Guru knew he had to share it with his disciples. De Vere Venues Theobalds Park, Hertfordshire’s leading dedicated training, conference and […]
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Second Life

Going virtually nowhere in Second Life

Guru has made a great success of his life. But that doesn’t stop him wondering whether he might do things differently if he had his time again. So Guru has tried to set himself up on Second Life – an online three-dimensional alternate universe complete with its own currency – but with little success (Guru […]
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MySpace friend achieves CIPD membership

Back at his MySpace page, Guru received a message from ‘friend’ and disciple Rachel, whose profile is delightfully accompanied by a spirited rock and/or roll musical backing track and photographs of herself pole dancing. Rachel told Guru: Just thought I’d let you know that I have been upgraded! I’m an MCIPD now! Most of my […]
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