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Personal Assistant

Association of PAs recommends… more PAs

Hot news from the Association of Personal Assistants (APA) (which describes itself as the equivalent professional body for PAs as the Institute of Directors (IoD) is for directors. It reports: [Our] survey of 2,340 PAs has found that over 50% believe their bosses are working much harder than they were three years ago and 8% […]
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Tony Blair

Tony Blair offered job with media training company

You’ve got to admire its cheek. Communications company Bluewood Training has written to Tony Blair offering him a job. Speculation has been rife about what the prime minister will do next, when he steps down from his duties in June. It has been suggested that he will be far too busy writing his memoirs or […]
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trapped fingers

Chair scare causes panic in human resources

Fellow blogger Featherynscale, author of the Sic Transit Gloria Monday blog, has written some wise words about safety training in her post Things Featherynscale is No Longer Allowed to Do in the Human Resources Office. She opines: When creating multiple-choice exams to support safety training, the answer choices for “What is our general procedure in […]
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Hungover? Blame your boss

Never fear your embarrassing hangover at work – you can now legitimately blame your boss! Guru has learned of new research that says if there is a relaxed attitude to boozing in the workplace – during lunch hours, after work and the like – it tends to lead to heavier drinking at home. So, when […]
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Game of the name disadvantages Z-listers

Devoted disciples will recall Guru’s recent analysis of Christian names in which Yours Truly exclusively revealed that if you want to get ahead in human resources it helps if your name is Michael or Susan. Guru was immediately inundated with demands for surname analysis to complete the picture. Smith, Robinson and Williams polled highest among […]
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Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark poster campaign mis-fires

Talk about bad timing. As Guru made his way into Personnel Today‘s office this week, he spotted this poster by the side of the road. This poster campaign – fronted by Nicky Hambleton-Jones, presenter of Channel 4′s 10 Years Younger – was launched just last week to make up a fundraising shortfall of £7m. However, […]
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Defining moment for McDonalds

Guru hears on the burger vine that McDonalds is recruiting a bunch of tubsters to lend weight to its argument that the dictionary definition of ‘McJob‘ is unfair. The definition describes a McJob as “an unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, esp. one created by the expansion of the service sector”. Guru decided there was […]
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Cardinal exposes himself… to ridicule

While Guru is on the dangerous subject of religion… In his regular outpourings for Personnel Today magazine, Guru recently tackled the subject of global leadership, old monkey boy George W Bush, subservience to the royal family and the oily media whores who consistently paint themselves into a corner with their florid prose and habitual forelock […]
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John Sweeney

Scientologists attack BBC with DVD exposé

Guru thoroughly enjoyed BBC Panorama‘s recent exposé on the Church of Scientology, as much for the clip of reporter John Sweeney losing it on camera as for any deep insights into the workings of this mysterious cult. But just in case Sweeney hadn’t fully discredited his own investigations by his unjournalistic rant, the Scientologists are […]
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Nationwide Building Society

Who wants to be a merged building society?

It’s one of the big problems facing organisations that merge – how to ensure that employee cultures do not clash. Nationwide Building Society and Portman Building Society are taking steps – this week – to “increase their understanding of each other’s organisations prior to their planned merger on 28 August”. The two building societies (equivalent […]
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