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News headlines make the news headlines

Like all journalists, Guru loves a great news headline. Headline writing is a skill that can really help to sell a newspaper or magazine, and a good headline will almost guarantee to draw readers into the story itself. Guru has just spotted a wonderful headline on the BBC’s news website – “Wind farms not in […]
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Catbert shows tougher side to human resources

Guru has previously examined how the human resources profession receives relatively little TV airtime. Flip Chart Fairt Tales takes on the debate this week, arguing that “very few television dramas are set in the sort of workplaces in which most of us spend much of our lives. Even where work is a feature of the […]
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Blue Mosque Istanbul

Blue Mosque photo is close, but no cigar

Guru recently put out a call for his loyal followers to send in pictures of themselves reading Personnel Today magazine in unusual places. Disciple Maria was quickest off the mark with this picture of herself reading Occupational Health magazine (a sister title to Personnel Today – so Guru will allow it) outside the Blue Mosque […]
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Debt collectors celebrate bailiff best practice

Please be upstanding for the ‘best door-kicker-inner in the UK’! Yes, the Credit Today Debt Collection Agency (DCA) of the Year awards 2007 will be held during a gala celebration dinner at the Hilton Metropole, Birmingham, on 28 November. All the country’s top bailiffs will gather in the West Midlands to celebrate the finest debt […]
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Blue Eye

Blueness equals intelligence – it’s official!

Guru finally has scientific proof of what he has known for a long time. That blueness = intelligence. Scientists in America have found that people with blue eyes appear to be better strategic thinkers. In tests, blue-eyed boys and girls proved to be more successful in activities that required them to plan and structure their […]
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MPAA Film Rating

Censors rate Guru blog suitable for all the family

If the Guru blog was a film, it would be a blockbuster. But what rating would it get from the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) or the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)? Well, thanks to the people at, you can now find out about the suitability of any blog (and many other […]
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Southern Railways ticket machine

Train company in ‘good customer service’ shock

Guru has just managed something quite extraordinary, and feels he has to share it with his Disciples. It is an unprecedented achievement, and one that may never again be repeated. So listen carefully – you’ll hardly believe your ears. Guru recently made a complaint about the ticket office at his local train station, along with […]
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Pyramid scheme promises to lift your love life

Pyramid schemes and chain letters have suffered a bad press, as if they are some kind of scam. But thanks to Disciple Andy, Guru can bring you exclusive details of a pyramid scheme that apparently, definitely does work! Simply send this message by e-mail to nine of your (male) friends. To avoid accusations of mysogeny […]
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HR offered new approach to talent management

Thanks to Disciple Colin for the following new talent management technique: Put 400 bricks in a room; then shut all your new employees in the room. Leave them alone and come back after six hours; then analyse the situation. • If they are counting the bricks, put them in the accounting department. • If they […]
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E-mail inbox full? Just delete the lot!

Following his highly successful post on out-of-office e-mail replies, Guru has been inundated with requests for more top tips on managing e-mails. So a press release on the subject from Global Integration couldn’t have been more timely. It reads: 600 e-mails waiting for you when you get back from holiday? Delete the lot! New research […]
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