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technorati rank

Guru not invited to blog league table

Blog aficionados will be well familar with the now-commonplace blogger tactic of creating blog league tables. Guru has (inexplicably) not yet been inducted into any of these human resources blog halls of fame, and now notes that his arch enemy Peter Gold of Hire Strategies is celebrating his own inclusion in such a list (albeit […]
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easyJet meal combos

Guru exposes easyJet meal combo swindle

Guru headed to Spain last weekend for a bit of late summer sunshine, and enjoyed a very pleasant few days in the company of his friends Paella, Sangria and San Miguel. The short break was spoiled somewhat by an eight hour delay to Guru’s easyJet flight home caused, apparently, by a bird strike on the […]
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The Onion

Pizza boy demands right to sexual harassment

It’s more than a decade old, but thanks to Disciple Rob for the link to this spoof article about an 18-year-old pizza restaurant worker filing a formal complaint, citing a “gross lack of sexual harassment” in his workplace, which is still as funny now as the day it was penned. The story, from The Onion […]
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DYMO label maker

Press releases get bad press, but not from Guru

Press releases are like a gift to Guru. Most journalists, however, do not feel the same way. Press releases are inevitably dreamed up by some bored PR officer, who has the unenviable task of making her (it usually is) client’s latest product sound more interesting than it really is. They clog up the e-mail inboxes […]
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RE Cares month

Guru is charity mugged in the name of CSR

Reed Elsevier (RE), the multinational FTSE 100 publisher that owns Personnel Today, as well as other classic publications like New Scientist, Variety, Computer Weekly, Caterer & HotelKeeper, Farmers Weekly and Flight International (good bloggers all) designated September 2007 as RE Cares Month. Part of the organisation’s corporate social responsibility agenda, RE Cares Month has been […]
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Harrogate massage

Harrogate show rubs Guru up the right way

Guru made it back from the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition in Harrogate in one piece – a very tired and emotional piece, but one piece nevertheless. Personnel Today‘s fringe event in the Holiday Inn was a great success, with scores of HR professionals visiting for the free seminars, free food and free massages (pictured, […]
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Personal Assistant

Survey of PAs puts the sex into secretaries

Mrs Guru subscribes to a range of women’s fashion, lifestyle and celebrity gossip magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Company, Glamour etc. They are all piled up in the corner of the downstairs loo, which Guru has need to visit on occasion, and, well… you need something to read. So Guru is no stranger to the concept of […]
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Carpet skating is new corporate craze

Thanks to Disciple Sue for alerting Guru to the following office antics video. “Extreme Carpet Skating in the Corporate Office” would you believe!? HR needs a policy on this, pronto. According to the video makers, you can actually buy these skates on eBay.
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Is Paula Radcliffe in Anne Robinson’s attic?

On the subject of look-alikes, and following Guru’s revelation that former ITN political correspondent John Sergeant was separated at birth from comedienne Jo Brand… Has anyone else noticed that with each new surgical nip and tuck, BBC TV’s Weakest Link presenter Anne Robinson is morphing into former marathon World Champion Paula Radcliffe? There’s some sort […]
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Tiger Woods?

Look-alike employee sparks PR exploitation

Talk about naked opportunism! Angel Services Group has just employed a handsome young black fellow who happens to play a bit of golf. And it didn’t take long for the company to draft and send out the following press release: Golfer tees off on a new career with Angel Despite looking strikingly similar to Tiger […]
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