Guru is charity mugged in the name of CSR

Reed Elsevier (RE), the multinational FTSE 100 publisher that owns Personnel Today, as well as other classic publications like New Scientist, Variety, Computer Weekly, Caterer & HotelKeeper, Farmers Weekly and Flight International (good bloggers all) designated September 2007 as RE Cares Month.

Part of the organisation’s corporate social responsibility agenda, RE Cares Month has been a fixture in the company diary for four years now to “focus on education for disadvantaged young people and community initiatives of importance to local employees”.

During this time, staff are encouraged to take two additional days leave per year to spend on charitable works.

RE Cares month

And what a month it’s been! On top of the volunteering, there have been raffles, collections, sponsored walks, cake sales, quizzes, comedy nights, musical concerts, sporting events and many more activities raising money for good causes.

School Uniform

The latest fundraiser was a “come to work in school uniform or pay a fine” day. Some staff, such as the Healthcare portfolio team (pictured in full Harry Potter Hogwarts regalia) really entered into the spirit of things.

Others, including Guru, he is ashamed to admit, did not.

In Guru’s defence, he had an external meeting that day and feared that travelling on the London Underground and turning up at a major employment lawyer’s office dressed in blazer, stripey tie, shorts, knee-length socks, cap and obligatory freckles might have caused a scene.

But, quick thinking as ever, on arrival into the office that morning to be greeted with collection bucket-wielding ‘school children’ demanding their fine, Guru announced that he had come as a teacher. The ill-fitting suit, badly-ironed shirt, cheap tie and hectoring voice all worked hard to back up his claim.

Sadly this excuse cut no ice with the unruly ‘pupils’, who quickly charity mugged (chugged) Guru of the £2 he had allocated for a skinny mocha latte at the company’s Starbucks franchise.

Guru can only think that the lack of a pair of leatherette patches on his elbows must have given the game away.

PS. Guru has spotted on Louise’s UK Recruiter Blog that 26 October is Breast Cancer Campaign’s “Wear it Pink” day. Time to raid the “weekend wardrobe”!

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