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Met’s arresting designs and crimes against fashion

Guru has always considered himself part of the fashionista, keeping a close eye on the catwalk and this season’s must-have designs. Yours Truly prides himself on a keen sense of style as well. It was, after all, Guru that inspired the theatrical Blue Man Group with their crazy music and art show. So it’s safe […]
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Red letter days are good for the brain

Shocking news has winged its way into the blue lugholes today. Apparently using your brain… um… makes your brain work better. Guru realises this may come as a shock to many in the public sector – many of whom give the appearance of leaving their brain at the door when entering the workplace – but […]
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ogc logo

OGC makes Olympic-sized cock-up

At last a government department has managed to get its workers excited about its employer brand. Staff at the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) apparently displayed a far more vigorous reaction than was expected when showed their new mouse mats, proudly carrying the department’s new logo. Intended to ‘signify a bold commitment to the body’s […]
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Guru ThoughtMixer

Jack Nicholson inspires mixed response

Guru would like to assure all his disciples that Mrs Guru is safe and well, and that he was only pulling their legs when talking of his fearsome axe. But by uncanny coincidence the film that includes the most famous axe-wielding scene in cinematic history – Jack Nicholson’s legendary ‘Here’s Johnny’ moment from The Shining […]
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Mundane tasks and exciting punishments

You have to love those Norweigans. The latest example of their inate Nordic ingenuity is a tool for alerting people in boring jobs that they are in danger of losing concentration. “We might be able to build a device that could be placed on the heads of people that make these easy decisions,” Dr Eichele, […]
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McDonald’s calls in Princess Diana tailor

First impressions count. And in customer-facing roles that can be more important than anything else – as all savvy recruiters know. So its good to see that the purveyors of all things burger-related, McDonald’s has at last seen fit to dispense with its ‘rugger burger’ stripey polo shirt and baseball hat look and smarten up […]
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Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Email overload just got worse with HassleMe

If like Guru you treat your Microsoft Outlook Calendar with disdain than look no further than It’s great for separating the run-of-the-mill Microsoft Outlook Calendar reminders from more important – and occasional – things such as buying Mrs Guru flowers, phoning mother Guru, and having a flutter at the betting shop.
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McDonald’s workers star in sack shame site

Guru would be the first to admit he did not always fully embrace the wonderous potential of the world wide web. In fact, he may in the not so distant past have uttered phrases that included the words internet, black death, rather and have. However, even Yours Truly can stay firm no longer in the […]
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No ball games

Guru has had some ball-breaking bosses in his time, but nothing like Mr Lawrence, the central character in an employment appeal tribunal judgement Yours Truly was alerted to this week. Former Peugeot dealership salesman Terence Parsons brought the successful appeal against the decision by an employment tribunal to turn down his claim of constructive unfair […]
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Leadership: va va voom

Sure, he scored some great goals and put in some terrific performances in Renault TV commercials, but does Thierry Henry really deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa? According to Met Police HR chief Martin Tiplady, the answer is yes.
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