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Woolly hat wheeze struck out by EAT

Can being a bit chilly at work be classed as a disability? That was the tricky question the Employment Appeal Tribunal had to answer in a curious case that gave Guru goosebumps upon reading. Jobcentre Plus employee A Sawyer claimed that he was intolerant to temperatures below 27 degrees Celsius and had recurrent chest problems. […]
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Passenger complaint letter Virgin on the sublime

Disciples will probably be all too aware of the dreaded customer complaint letter, when some miserable member of the public moans about the service they received from one of your highly engaged workforce. But how about this for a complaint letter, penned to His Royal Beardness, Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson, no less. Guru bows […]
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Guru’s top new dictionary definitions

Here are the winners of the Washington Post’s 2008 Mensa Invitational, which every year asks readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition. Guru has always been a keen purveyor of sarchasm, and is now a firm believer in reintarnation – and has the blue beard to prove […]
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David Beckham proves people change accent to get ahead

Disciple Dave has emailed to alert Guru to this recent posting on graduate career site Here Comes The Boss. It covers a story about people changing their accent in order to get a job or move up the career ladder. The Queen’s English came out top in terms of being the easiest to understand and […]
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Cello scrotum authors come clean

Guru enjoys a nice bit of classical music, nothing relieves the stress of a hard day at the office than blasting out Handel’s Messiah while sipping a strong G&T. But little did he know that some poor chap in the string section would be suffering so much for our pleasure. In perhaps what is one […]
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Guru mulls over Singapore fling

Guru has many disciples across the world, but even he was surprised to receive a note of admiration from as far away as Singapore. Yours Truly knows that his blue shiny head and witty insights can prove very alluring to the ladies, but even he was shocked to know that appeal transcends HR and international […]
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The Maestro is in the building

Disciple Caroline has dropped Guru a line to aid the continuing search for silly job titles and colossal big heads. Guru has blogged about this subject before – and how those in the HR sector seem guiltier than others when it comes to being ‘creative’ with what’s on their business cards. ‘Chief People Officer’ has […]
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Jodie Marsh may have had some work?

Jobs market bounces back with +30% growth

The boob jobs market that is… Blair and Brown always promised to do away with the boom and bust economics of the past. News today makes Guru feel compelled to jump to their defence as New Labour finds itself in these unprecedented financial times. For now there is a bust boom. Yes folks, boob jobs are […]
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Lightening the load for baggage handlers

One of the deeply disturbing factors of travelling abroad – be it for business or pleasure – is that dreaded moment at the airport check in. No, not when the woman with the pinned on smile asks you whether you packed your bag yourself (no, love, I got the head of an Al-Qaeda terror cell […]
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Quick clicks for your Friday afternoon – 21/1/2009

This week’s top five HR-related web treats for your Friday afternoon: 5. The return of child labour 4. ‘HR-bot’ to monitor staff on Facebook 3. Jobs that pay more for working less 2. Unicycle butcher OH hazard 1. Why Google employees quit
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