Employee motivation leaves Guru clueless

Yet more workforce motivational blurb to kick off 2009. Guru has already informed disciples of the Teppanyaki cooking teambuilding day, now the folks at Sodexho have created a viral marketing campaign targeting HR professionals, entitled ‘Bad Gifts’.

The You Tube clip shows a David Brent-style manager (don’t they always) trying to motivate his staff to achieve higher targets with the promise of uninspiring rewards, including a garden gnome, Atomic Kitten video, Mr Motivator DVD and cuddly toy.

Guru was amazed because the last time he ran an employee reward scheme, these gifts bore a resemblance to the crappiness of those he offered to team members. If Guru recalls correctly, it was a Bananarama LP and Gremlins video that were the top prizes.

In his experience, Yours Truly finds the carrot and stick method of management works the best when it comes to staff motivation. Carrots served in the canteen and a big stick held menacingly by the security guard. 

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One Response to Employee motivation leaves Guru clueless

  1. Mark Walsh 13 January 2009 at 9:35 pm #

    Funny, thanks. Glad to be out of that game. Also happy ton see a good viral – I’m interested in getting one made if you know of a supplier?

    re. the content, it’s not the quality of the reward, this misses the point. Reward and punishment works for pigeons and rats, these are what the 50s psyche studies were done on that much business psychology is based on today. It doesn’t work well for chimps let alone people (hence the familiar “oh no..” dialgoue. People resent being manipulated and at best play the system. When people care about what they do they don’t need “motivating” – they are intrinsically motivated.