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Staff choirs could sing the bad news

Guru has often been accused of making a song and dance about things in the workplace, but now one firm is literally doing just that. Insurance group Admiral has hired two vocal coaches to provide regular vocal health sessions for call centre staff, under the guise of reducing stress and sickness absence. The singers are […]
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No skills gap at Royal Mail

Thinking about the Royal Mail tends to send Guru a horrible, livid purple colour. But not today. Rather than the usual explosive, angry snorts, this story elicited, instead, gentle sighs and a tear or two. Not a response generally associated with the cynical blue one. What has prompted this gooiness of eye? News that a […]
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Sacked Microsoft workers will keep extra cash

It’s bad enough being sacked, but then to be told you must pay back some of severance pay you were given really takes the mickey. That was the situation facing sacked Microsoft workers in the States. In a classic HR balls-up, they were told by their former employer that they had been overpaid and were […]
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Self-harm: the new way to make money in the recession

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Reports in Germany claim a bizarre form of insurance fraud is gaining popularity among hard pressed individuals: self-mutilation. With money tight and the German economy suffering, some insurers have reported a rise in policyholders deliberately harming themselves – or others – and then making a hefty insurance claim. Apparently, […]
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Happy as a pig in sh*t

Great news! The government has announced the formation of a new task force aimed at making sure the UK’s workers have enough bacon for our sarnies. The impressively titled Pig Meat Supply Chain Task Force will focus on, not unsurprisingly, getting the suppy chain working better in the pig industry. Guru loves pigs or, more […]
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The alternative Oscars – the HR Blueberrys

The Golden Raspberry Awards – or Razzies – are held every year alongside The Oscars to salute the worst Hollywood has to offer. In honour of these alternative awards, Guru has launched his own HR Oscars – the Blueberry Awards, to recognise all that is rubbish in HR and the world of work. Worst Training […]
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Jolly good time enjoyed by Whitehall HR director

Guru likes a corporate jolly as much as the next person. In theory, the higher up the career ladder you climb, the better quality jolly you should be invited on. But in today’s economically tough times, companies and PR firms are cutting back on the entertainment they offer to key contacts. Back in the good […]
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How to get a promotion at work

Guru is often asked by disciples: “How do I get ahead at work?” The conventional answer obviously is “hard work, ethusiasm and ambition” – or is it? Another piece of tat from the Institute of Pointless Research has found that one in five British workers would rather have sex with their boss for an instant […]
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Twitter HR manager in reply-to-all gaffe: Email is so yesterday

Twitter’s HR manager Krissy Bush (change any letter and titter) it seems is so used to sharing everything with the world that even job applicants to the fledgling organisation should expect their resumes to be twittered, tweeted or twitted any day soon. For it seems in Krissy’s world when replying to all the poor souls deemed […]
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National Express’s see-through uniforms are the future

Women railway workers on the East Coast line between London and Edinburgh are refusing to wear their new uniform, which includes a see-through blouse that leaves “little to the imagination” of passengers. Perhaps it’s an attempt by bosses at National Express to “sex up” their workforce and make travelling by train a more desirable option. […]
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