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Payroll officer almost becomes Irish.

Guru’s Irish cousin, Seamus O’Guru, has long maintained that everyone, at some level, and often without realising it, wants to be Irish. And it seems he’s right …. Even a natural sceptic like Guru cannot fail to be moved by the tale of Yorkshireman Chris Gregory, a 30 year old payroll officer who underwent brain surgery […]
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NVQs for White Van Man

We’ve all had our bad experiences of White Van Man; cut up, tailgated, verbally abused, given the finger, etc.But perhaps those days are numbered, as the government has confirmed it will develop a new vocational qualification for van drivers, helping them to “enhance the skills they need to drive for work”.Guru wonders if this means […]
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The return of HR look-a-likies

Disciples will be overcome with joy at the news that Guru is resurrecting his HR look-a-likies feature.Thisis where Yours Truly picks on some poor, unsuspecting individual fromthe world of HR, business or politics and compares their boats (mostlyunfavourably) to someone else. We all then laugh/gasp/snort at thesimilarity.Yours Truly humbly offers this look-a-likie to get things […]
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Daily Mail council non-jobs article is non-story

Guru’s favourite read, the Daily Mail, ran what must be one of it’s perfect stories earlier this week. All the story needed was for immigrants to be responsible for causing cancer then it had struck tabloid gold. As it was, the article was about council ‘non-jobs’, which the paper and its friend the Taxpayers Alliance […]
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Best job in the world for Bridget Jones single types

Earlier this week Guru blogged about the devout Christian man who manages a lap dancing club. Normally, that would be a great job for a single young man (if you didn’t happen to believe in no sex before marriage). Now Yours Truly thinks he has found the perfect job for single (or recently unattached) young […]
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French workers in latest-into-the-office-in-Europe shock

Research just out allows the blue one to indulge one of his favourite hobbies – low key xenophobia – and of course bring you the truth behind the latest credit crunch stats. A survey from OfficeMetrics shows dedicated (read: fearful for their jobs) office workers across the globe are clocking in earlier, although the apathetic UK […]
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Christian virgin puts temptation in his lap

So, you’re a devout Christian young man, who fervently believes in no sex before marriage. You’re looking for a new job – where do you think you should apply? A charity, voluntary organisation or social enterprise? Nope, I think I’ll apply for a job managing a lap dancing club. Like Jesus was by Satan himself, […]
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Springtime for Hitler – reborn as a business guru

Personnel Today staffers have been tweeting a lot recently, not least in a bid to find out what management books people are reading. Plenty of fellow twitterers were willing to recommend their favourite books. But none of them recommended the latest business book sensation to hit Indian shops – Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf …. Translated […]
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Bully Bosses and the secretaries who love ‘em

Today being Administrative Professionals Day (April 22, how could you not know?), Guru thought it fitting to honour the various professions by linking to a compilation of tasks many have been forced to complete during their tenure. Across the pond, Business Management Daily put together a list of the craziest things that administrative assistants have been asked to do by their boss.
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MPs extra holiday plans – let’s put them to work

Forget Guru’s previous rant about the amount of holiday that teachers enjoy, just turns out that MPs have awarded themselves an extra week off for their summer hols. Politicians will sign off from Westminster on 21 July and not return until 12 October – nice (non)work if you can get it. Guru reckons most of […]
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