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The day from hell – shot and sacked

There’s bad days, and then there’s really bad days. The next time disciples get home from work and moan at their nearest and dearest about their “horrible day at work”, spare a thought for Sean Daley.Ex-pat Sean was running a mill in Bishkek, which everyone will know is the capital of Kyrgyzstan, when he was […]
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Play HR-Mageddon and rule the office

Here’s a new online game to keep disciples amused over the long summer months.It’s called HR-Mageddon and the aim is to take over the office before your rival does. You have to capture cubicles and ultimately win by destroying all of your rival’s employees. So not entirely dissimilar to a redundancy situation then.
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Hunch – a site that makes decisions for you

Making decisions for some is notoriously difficult. Questions such as: “What should I have for lunch?” “Shall I do a sickie today?” and “Shall I try and get off with the bird in marketing?” have perplexed generations of office workers.Now there is a website that will answer those tough questions for you. In just 10 […]
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Michael Jackson dies – the unemployed mourn

Just like when fellow freak of nature Jade Goody left this earth back in March, hundreds, if not thousands of people with nothing better to do will very publicly mourn the death of Michael Jackson today.And because it’s a Friday, expect a few more to phone in sick claiming they are too upset to come […]
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Are you a peacock or a sparrow?

An odd question to ask really, Guru actually considers himself to be more of a golden eagle. You can tell Silly Season is almost upon us: New ‘research’ by Office Angels has attempted to answer just that. Apparently two fifths of UK office workers daily assess their colleagues’ wardrobes and make judgements about them. Office […]
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HR look-a-likie

Here’s the latest HR look-a-likie, sent in by disciple Rushna. She says: “Rick Stein is the spitting image of Matt Burghardt – our Asst Director of HR in Bradford! Needless to say, it may be the end of my HR career when he clocks his face staring back at him one day if you were […]
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Stripper impersonates police officer

Where would Guru be without the police? Few bloggers can boast as glorious and constant a source of inspiration. Nary a day goes by without a disciple sending in a police-related story. And today is certainly no exception. Scottish disciple Hamish has brought to Guru’s attention a rare incidence of someone aspiring to be a […]
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Police recruitment policies work – for dogs

Police forces across the UK have been somewhat beleagured recently. They’ve been accused of violently quelling protests. They’ve even been accused of torturing suspects. Questions have been asked about their recruitment procedures. Who are they hiring, and why? But Guru is delighted to report that one recruit is proving his worth – and then some. […]
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HR look-a-likies – the latest victims

Guru’s disciples are responding well to the call for HR-look-a-likies. This week’s pair were again spotted in the pages of Personnel Today, so keep your eyes peeled for any more.Disciple Nicole reckons shadow Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, featured on the front page of Personnel Today’s 9 June issue, looks like Hollywood lothario Jack Nicholson. […]
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Mickey Mouse recruitment drive

The HR profession has oft been accused of having a touch of Mickey Mouse about it, so Guru is delighted finally to have cold, hard evidence. Next Wednesday, a crack HR team – perhaps named Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy. Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy – will descend upon the magic castle (Disney UK’s Hammersmith office, to […]
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