Yuppies replaced by Scamps

Yuppies make way; a new phenomenon is taking over the workplace in the form of Scamps.

Yes, according to our friends at Office Angels, young upwardly mobile professionals are being overtaken by Scamps – workers swapping careers and money for passport stamps. The company has invented this acronym to describe the attributes of Gen Y employees who are choosing life experience and travel over their career, salary and immediate success.

Its research found half of Scamps said travelling the world was their life-long ambition, compared to just one in ten (10%) who would prefer to opt for a senior management position rather than explore the world first.

All these acronyms got Guru thinking reminiscing about Dinkys, Nimbys, Guppies and Scuppies. Guru thinks at one point in the mid-1980s he simultaneously fell into all those categories.

Now he can just be known as a Noltma (No-One Listens To Me Anymore).


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One Response to Yuppies replaced by Scamps

  1. TheBlunterHeadhunter 1 December 2009 at 12:51 pm #

    I think I’m SCUM: Self-Centred Urban Male.