Offensive minister stokes up London firefighter strike

Guru is saddened to report that London’s firefighters have decided to continue with their industrial action and plan to go on strike on Bonfire Night.


However, he is more overwhelmed by the news that the ‘fire service minister’ is so surprised at the timing of the strike.

Apparently, the stunned minister, Mr Bob Neill, is shocked that “this action appears to be deliberate to cause maximum risk to Londoners”.

He goes on to describe the planned action as “reckless and cynical”.

The firefighters are striking as a result of being asked to rip up their existing work contracts and sign new, apparently less favourable, contracts or face the sack.

Yours Truly has sent an ‘information email’ to the aforementioned buffoon alerting him to the fact that industrial action is invariably carried out in a way that causes as much grief as possible to those affected by it. He hopes the minister will take the advice to heart when Guru enlightens him to the fact that as public sector emergency service staff rarely go on strike it suggests they might just have an argument worth discussing around a table – not through the pages of the national press or at public meetings of religious so-called ‘centre-right’ activists.

Guru notes that MPs and the House of Idiots – erm… Lords – were not forced to rip up their contracts and sign new ones after being exposed as the charlatans they so obviously are as a result of the expenses scandal.

He also notes that London’s firefighters have not been caught with their noses in the trough and actually perform a job of some use to the average citizen.

He additionally notes that any would-be Guy Fawkes imitators out there will be making sure their matches and gunpowder are nice and dry.

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