Women apprentices show dark side of girl power

Keeping tabs on the feckless few selected to impress the bearded one on BBC TV’s The Apprentice, Guru was sad to see the women hasten their retreat to an idle future – as predicted by Yours Truly only a couple of days ago – by behaving in a shrill way. And, needless to say, one of Guru’s top tips for expulsion duly got her marching orders.

Shrillness itself is nothing to be ashamed of – indeed, in the right context Yours Truly is a shrillness connoisseur – but haridanism is something to be avoided, especially when operating in packs.

Needless to say the Sugarbeard was not impressed. And nor should women everywhere.

The one bright spot for women at large was the leadership qualities displayed by the only women among the pillocks that pass for men, who knocked them into shape and managed to win the task to make a ‘unique beach product’ despite coming up with what was essentially a towel.

Quite why Boots was prepared to offer an exclusive distribution deal for a rubbishy bit of old tent is beyond Guru. Especially as the ‘towel’ on offer from the other team – a cunningly disguised towel with a cool bag in it – clearly exploits the fact that it is already quite a popular beach item, would not blow away and would come handy for drying duties after a swim… not to mention it’s obvious ability to double up as a book rest.

Questions must be asked about Boots sanity. Boots? Sanity? Towels? Surely there’s another opportunity there.

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