Archive | November, 2010

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Massaging figures is strangely satisfying occupation

Geoge Obsorne massages figures to get desired result
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Mustn’t grumble…

Mustn’t grumble
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HR’s coaching future to overcome bunker mentality

HR self-loathing brought into perspective by mining disasters – and lingerie
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Government left tongue-tied over difficult conversations

Difficult conversations gaffe leaves government tongue-tied
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Woman stabs women in the back

Theresa May has revived the Nasty Party and turned equality legislation on its head
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Royal wedding to lead to a torrent of tat

Royal wedding is good news for Potteries
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One big happy family? David wants your views

David Cameron invites public to give him a good kicking
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HR masterclass: Blue is the colour if you want to keep your job

Chelsea football manager should have invested in blue face paint if he was serious about showing his true colours
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Quiet Man of welfare puts hat in ring for archbishop’s job

Iain Duncan Smith forces Guru to reveal plan to take over Lambeth Palace
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I Can’t Believe It’s Not…

Guru comes up with yet another job boosting initiative for UK workshy masses
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