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Sky’s the limit when it comes to sexism…

Sky’s the limit when it comes to sexism
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Fat cats ready to get fatter to stay fit for purpose

Fatboy executives pull wool over eyes of survey mongers
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Why David Cameron is the model modern employee

Tubby David Cameron is model employee – white, man, slightly too fat
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Tis the (football) season to be wrinkly

Football shows same level as enlightenment as BBC when it comes to staying loyal to long-serving staff
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Royal wedding could be down the Tube

When equality strikes at the heart of the Royal Wedding plans, Kate comes through largely unscathed.
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Bullying hotline closure is loss to business

Guru laments end of top leadership tool – the bullying hotline – which could lead to rash of tribunal cases
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Balance of power shifts as claims rock wrist action

It’s in the wrist action as Guru casts aside heavy handed Xmas gift.
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