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Wake up women of Britain!

Guru’s plan for equality is bound to raise a few plucked eyebrows.
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The wrong type of seagull?

Health and safety saves the day as killer seagulls target commuter train.
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Guard their rights with care

Prisons can vote with their feet if they really want to vote
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Blue-collar migrants are key to Red Planet success

Russians rush in down wrong route in bid to conquer Red Planet.
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Women on top?

Tea and sympathy in short supply as Guru surveys housing jobs market for women.
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Softly softly pig protest is nothing of the sort

Pig protest turns out to be about meat and not about the police force.
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Give worried workers the push…

Tough times call for tough measures and Guru suggests sacking your sick workers for starters
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Cameron shafted by Pfizer decision to pull out of Kent

You can’t see the wood for the trees as Cameron intervention backfires and Pfizer pulls out of Kent.
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