Guard their rights with care

Hardworking Brits miffed that prisoners might get the vote after European bureaucrats said not having it was an infringement of their human rights can rest easy.

Yours Truly has just sent word of a solution to David ‘just call me Dave’ Cameron that ticks all the boxes for the Eurocrats while at the same time leaving the prisoners with their hands tied, as it were.

Simply give them the vote. They won’t be able to exercise their right because they are banged up in chokey. And postal votes won’t work as they would rely on prison guards actually seeing that something other than illegal contraband gets delivered – highly unlikely given their trafficking record

Of course, they could ‘vote with their feet’ by instigating a breakout, but that would create more jobs for the rest of society who could be employed as ‘returns officers’ – as in returning prisons back to the clink (while simultaneously ‘spoiling’ their voting slip.

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