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Putting equality to the sword (dance)

Bring on the end of equality
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Budget for growth sows seeds of union revival

George Osborne bungle will reawaken the Kraken that is the union movement.
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Record-breaking bullies sunk by SpongeBob jibes

Dedicated bullies invoke the force of SpongeBob Squarepants.
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Older and fatter – we’re getting more like the Americans

Send in the fatties to keep America the world’s fattest nation
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Is sleep deprivation the key to power struggles?

Exciting new theory on sleep deprivation should be a wake-up call to leaders everywhere.
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Military personnel get weapon to fight inner demons

Inner demons next target of British military as it opens up new front in war on terror.
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Women of the world unite… and go on strike

Guru suggests women stage a mass walkout in equality bid
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Twin approach to dealing with conflict at work

Workplace conflict tactics that are hard to beat when it comes to time management.
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Guru-up-my-head App

guru-up-my-head app
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‘Man the breeches!’ to beat Dick-tator

David Cameron trousers top prize for innovation in fight against terrorism
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