Archive | April, 2011

Mobilising the UK’s mobile forces

Military madness goes too far with mobile units growing exponentially.
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Stomach-churning decision-making genius

Guru plunges into the bowels of David Cameron’s mind to find out how great leaders [sic] function.
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PwC sexist email nightmare thing of past as it wins award

PwC shrugs off Ireland allegations to nab top 50 spot in best places for women workers awards.
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Internalising workplace woes works wonders

Intern schemes should be the way forward – not abolished.
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Big science gets airing in Daily Wail

Daily Mail prints two part scientific test and then rails against it.
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Cops go back to the future to fight crime

Police seek inspiration from 1850s quackery
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Guru launches App as bully-bashers see red over GingerBooth

Gingerbooth app angers anti-bullying group but Guru sees opportunity
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