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Riot police get a wee bit grumpy

Image: Rex Features Police need to go to toilet every 45 minutes, according to The Mirror (Riot police are rude because they are desperate for the loo), or they get cranky. The Mirror reports that officers are meant to be relieved every 45 minutes, but often have to wait longer than this and consequently get […]
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Beauticians baffled by “nail technician” job advert

Image: Rex Features A job advert for a “nail technician” has caused understandable confusion amongst the beauticians of Stoke-on-Trent (‘Nail technician’ job advert causes confusion). The advert, seeking somebody with “previous nail experience”, for a job sorting nails on a building site, attracted numerous applicants from beauticians, who were not looking for a change of […]
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Builder’s bum in line for health and safety regs

Image: Rex Features According to The Sun, builders who work topless and wear jeans that slip down are nine times more likely to get skin cancer than other workers (Builder’s bum faces cancer crackdown). Guru is not usually supportive of new health and safety initiatives, but would be fully supportive of an anti-builder’s bum regulation. […]
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UK cannot accomadate bad speling

Bad spelling is costing the UK economy millions, apparently. According to analyst Chris Duncombe, a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half (Spelling mistakes ‘cost millions’ in lost online sales). Duncombe says he has been shocked at the poor quality of spelling of applicants to whatever it is he wants applicants for – […]
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Re-opening Guru’s HR laughter file

Image: Rex Features Back in 2007, Guru successfully prised some jokes out of the HR community (More jokes for Guru’s HR laughter file). Well, it’s time to try again. Obviously, this is not an enviable task, especially if the Daily Mail is to be believed (Death of the office joke: Coalition enacts Harriet’s PC equality […]
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1875% reduction in school trip tome

Image: Rex Features The government has cut the guidelines on school trips from 150 pages to eight. Those wishing to read the new guide will find it here: Department for education advice on legal duties and powers for local authorities, head teachers, staff and governing bodies. Anybody who followed that link should seek help immediately. […]
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A tale of two cuts

Image: Rex Features Two stories arrested Guru’s attention on this gloomy morning. Firstly, a council has issued dismissal letters to all its employees, with the caveat that they will be immediately rehired on accepting a 5.4% pay cut and changes to their sick pay arrangements (Shropshire council sends dismissal letters to entire workforce). Second, Lord […]
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Shop assistant not made up with Harrods dress code

Image: Rex Features Guru would think that in a recession people would count themselves lucky to have a job, however tedious and unpleasant it might be. Not so, apparently. In today’s world of equality acts and tribunal claims even the smallest condition can be grounds for an uprising. Take the case of former Harrods concession […]
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