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French workers art about with post-it notes

Image: Rex Features French workers, presumably in fleeting moments when they’re not enjoying the fruits of 100 years of incessant striking, have been defacing their offices with post-it notes, creating images of things like Pacman and Tetris (The Post-it wars – in pictures). The post-it art can be found throughout Paris, adorning the windows of […]
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One in five would sleep their way to the top

Image: Rex Features One in five workers would consider sleeping their way up the career ladder, says online recruitment website Guru is shocked that only one in five would consider this, but can confirm that it doesn’t work anyway. Guru has been sleeping on the job for nigh on thirty years and it’s not […]
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See bee, feel (like) bee

Image: Rex Features Olswang, a law firm in London, is keeping bees in its courtyard to inspire its workers to work hard and cooperate with each other (London offices offered bee hives to ‘boost work morale’). Apart from the obvious thought that lawyers might be better off keeping packs of hyenas, Guru is blown away […]
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Charity offers HR director sympathy salary

Guru has often wondered whether people who work for charities full-time forgo a monthly salary in favour of the opportunity to radiate the insufferable air of smugness that surrounds them. This morning, Guru’s wondering can cease, as it has been revealed that they do. It turns out HR directors at charities are paid in the […]
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Guru backs Germany’s no kissing campaign

Image: Rex Features Guru isn’t normally first in line to praise the Germans, but it is difficult to find fault with the Knigge Society in Germany, which has called for a ban on workplace kissing (German etiquette group targets workplace kissing). It seems that England is not the only country facing the insidious spread of […]
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HR spam ruling gives Guru an idea

Image: Rex Features An Australian HR company has been fined for breaching spam regulations in Australia after sending marketing emails advertising their HR software to people without their consent (ACMA warns Aussie HR firm for spam infringement). The ruling makes Guru wonder whether spam laws couldn’t be extended to protect him from the increasing amount […]
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Sarcasm is the highest form of management

Image: Rex Features Guru is excited. The BPS Occupational Digest blog brings news of a study that will do for HR what a clerk in a Swiss patent office did for physics. The study in question reveals that the key to good management is maintaining a perfect balance of anger and sarcasm (Creativity dampened by […]
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China leads way in team-building exercises

Image: Rex Features Team-building exercises in this country tend to involve things like building an imaginary bridge across an imaginary river, but not in China, a country far too busy becoming the world’s chief economic power to bother imagining things. In China team-building exercises get things done, as exemplified by a bunch of employees in […]
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