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Executive pay darkens the blue sky

Image: Rex Features There’s not been much good financial news around lately, so Guru was overjoyed to read that pay for executive directors increased by 49% in 2010 (Executive pay in FTSE 100 companies jumps by 49%). Furthermore, as if that weren’t exciting enough, chief executives also saw their pay packages increase substantially, though, sadly, […]
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BBC plots to bin right-wing employees

Image: Rex Features The BBC is forcing its staff to trek about its offices in search of a bin, under the pretext of fostering collaboration (BBC Bans Bins From Desk Areas Because They Make Staff ‘Territorial’). The head of BBC North, Peter Salmon, argues that not being near a bin “makes people move round a […]
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All Blacks to manage their way to victory

Image: Rex Features According to a press release from professional service company Towers Watson, New Zealand’s leadership culture indicates that they will beat France in the Rugby Union World Cup final on Sunday. Towers Watson offers the following analysis on “executing tasks”: “New Zealand companies achieve higher scores when it comes to their reputation for […]
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Liam Fox inspires bring-a-friend-to-work culture

Image: Rex Features Work can be so boring. If you’re anything like Guru you’ll hate all of your colleagues and abhor every minute you have to spend in their company. This being the case, why not follow Liam Fox’s lead and bring a friend to work? Liam Fox has been bringing his bestest friend to […]
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Ken Clarke can take solace from Shechtman’s Nobel example

Image: Rex Features There is a good lesson for employees in the travails of Ken Clarke this week. The lesson is that being right can be worth very little if your employers don’t agree with you. Following Theresa May’s speech at the Tory party conference, Ken Clarke reacted to the Home Secretary’s tale of a […]
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Office noise most distracting for introverts (not that you’ll hear them complain)

Occupational Digest has reported on a study of the effect of music and noise on the ability of 118 female school children to perform various tasks, which indicated that extroverted characters are less impaired in their ability to work with surrounding noise than introverts (Noise and music are more distracting to introverts at work). The […]
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