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Elvis Costello not suited to sales role

Line managers of sales staff might sympathise with Universal Music. Although plenty of managers will have sales staff who just won’t work hard enough, or refuse to up-sell, few will have to deal with staff issuing statements discouraging customers from buying their products. But this is just what Elvis Costello has done – taking to […]
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What’s in a name?

Image: Rex Features Reading the very excellent Flip Chart Fairy Tales blog on income inequality and some analysis of the faulty logic behind senior management pay, Guru was struck by a neat corollary between nonsense job titles and the pay debate. CEO pay is often justified by comparison with the pay of other CEOs, often […]
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Blatter announces realisation of Martin Luther King’s dream

Image: Rex Features Guru has had a busy morning rewriting the company’s equal opportunities policy to take note of recent evidence that racism doesn’t actually exist, and that if it does it’s not really that big a deal now is it (Sepp Blatter urged to stand down from Fifa position by PFA chief and UK […]
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Some employees are stupider than others: why social media policies are worth having

Image: Rex Features Guru could not be accused of being immersed in social media; he’d be positively offended if he were. But even Guru recognises that social media presents different challenges to an employer than older methods of communication, such as just telling Mrs Guru what he had for breakfast, or sending her a telegram. […]
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RFU shames only itself with sanctioning of Tindall

Image: Rex Features Guru is disappointed to read that Mike Tindall has been suspended from the England squad, fined £25,000 and publicly condemned for his much-reported hijinks during the recent rugby world cup. It’s becoming very complicated to be a sportsman, and Guru, being a rather traditional chap, had been pleasantly surprised by Martin Johnson’s […]
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God demands CEO payrise

Image: Rex Features Guru likes to keep abreast of the great philosophical drivers behind today’s HR. That being the case he felt compelled to follow the CIPD’s tweeted recommendation that he read a blog about theology and HR converging at the CIPD conference this year. Having got past the slightly disturbing picture of a sweaty, […]
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Capello puts work before son’s wedding

Image: Rex Features Fabio Capello gets paid a lot of money to watch some football matches and very occasionally tell English footballers to run onto a pitch and play football. He also seems to have become pretty rubbish at doing this, though seeing as nobody has been any good at it for 40 years, he’s […]
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Ministers put professionalism in the bin

Image: Rex Features Vince Cable used to be the one man in the world who saw the credit crunch coming. Now he’s the man who doesn’t pay his taxes and puts confidential documents in public bins. Cable is the second politician in very recent times who’s been found dumping public documents in bins, after Oliver […]
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