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Guru Christmas 2011 Blog Spectacular

Image: Rex Features It’s almost Christmas and Guru can’t find anything interesting to comment on. Knowing that what most people will be hoping for in their metaphorical stocking will be a new Guru post to read for Christmas, Guru would like to introduce the Guru Christmas 2011 Blog Spectacular. The Guru Christmas 2011 Blog Spectacular […]
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Personal emails – the lesser of two evils

Image: Rex Features According to a press release from Cartridge Save, in a working year the average employee writes the equivalent of four Harry Potter books in personal emails. Guru suspects that this is meant to be an alarming comparison, but all those imaginary emails sound fairly benign when compared to the imaginary Harry Potter […]
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Top interview tip: keep candidates behind a bush

Image: Rex Features According to research from Airdri, as many as one in five candidates could be missing out on jobs because of bad handshakes. Airdri worked with language expert Judi James to discover this. According to the press release, Judi James is “renowned”, probably meaning that she occasionally goes on telly to talk about […]
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Overlooked for promotion? Try being more unpleasant

Image: Rex Features Nice guys finish last. It’s official. An American study has found that agreeable men earn, on average, $7,000 less than disagreeable men (I didn’t get where I am today by being nice…). It also found that women earn about 14% less than men, which, if Mrs Guru is anything to go by, […]
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