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Disney lifts the beard ban

Image: Rex Features After 60 years of living in terror of persecution, Disney employees are finally able to look a little tiny bit like they might be Communists, as Disney has announced that customer-facing staff can now have beards. Why don’t they just go and dance on poor Walt’s grave?! The amendment loosens up the […]
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Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza in uniform extravaganza

Image: Rex Features Sometimes Guru counts himself extremely lucky to have such a huge media presence. Today was just such a day. If Guru hadn’t been Guru, renowned HR blogger and philanthropist (once bought a Big Issue), he might not have been lucky enough to receive the 600-word press release that changed his life: Holiday […]
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Hungry MPs and the case of the missing 10g

Image: Rex Features Packets of crisps in the House of Commons restaurant can be up to 10g below the promised weight of 34.5g. Such is the sort of crap MPs have to put up with, or up with put, as Winston Churchill wouldn’t have said. This horrifying glimpse into the world of MPs comes from […]
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Policeman tweets his way into disciplinary meeting

Image: Rex Features Dorset policeman Nick Manning is facing disciplinary action for tweeting about the damage public sector cuts are having on the force. His senior officers seem to have particularly objected to a tweet indicating that the North Dorset force was running on a skeleton crew. The tweet read: “Last 3 nights in North […]
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Not teaching in Glasgow proves profitable for teacher

In a time of rampant cuts, Glasgow City Council may be feeling a little nervous after it emerged that it had continued paying a teacher for two years after she’d left employment in the area. The teacher was paid £82,635 by the council between 2006 and 2008. The General Teaching Council for Scotland found it […]
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