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Working for free: blame it on the sunshine

Image: Rex Features For most of us it’s nearly payday. But this year there’s longer than normal to wait for payday thanks to an aberration deviously inserted into the calendar called 29 February. As if it weren’t bad enough having to spend another day living on grubs and pond water to survive till payday, this […]
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RBS employs warped logic to defend £1bn bonuses

Image: Rex Features The largely tax-payer owned Royal Bank of Scotland has paid out £1bn in bonuses to reward its staff for achieving an impressive £2bn loss in 2011. Hurrah! Guru thinks it’s astonishing that people who can convince their bosses to award them a bonus in a climate of spectacular business failure cannot actually […]
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Facebook is as good as a CV

Your Facebook profile can tell employers how good you are going to be at your job, according to research from Northeastern Illinois University reported by the Daily Mail. The research found that impressions taken from candidates’ Facebook pages were later found to be accurate after six months of employment. The Mail goes on to say […]
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Heartwarming workplace tales: from Love Hearts to Simon Cowell

Image: Rex Features It’s that wonderful time of the year when you have to go to a shop and buy a card with hearts on it. As such, Guru has decided to bring his readers two heartwarming stories of love and generosity within the workplace – it was that or some flowers from a petrol […]
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More snow or no snow but nothing in-between

Image: Rex Features The snow has ravaged Britain yet again, drawing excited children and exasperated adults to their windows on Thursday night to witness just enough snow falling to destroy Britain’s transport infrastructure, but require everybody to go to school and work. Could it not, just once, snow enough to make going to work unfeasible? […]
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“G4″ emails reveal friends sharing a joke

Details of private emails between a bunch of former public schoolboys, who call themselves the “G4″, discussing an impending trip to to the Dubai 7s rugby tournament in March have emerged, rather embarrassing the G4 boys, who are all former public-schoolboys now fulfilling predictable roles as traders, bankers and lawyers. The Telegraph reports that rules […]
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Network Rail faces tough decision on bonuses

The six executive directors of Network Rail could be in line for bonuses worth up to 60% of their annual salaries, the Independent reports today. For anybody sent into a spiral of confusion by that news, Network Rail really is just what it sounds like: the company responsible for the railway network in this country. […]
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Brighton bus drivers face “babe” ban

Image: Rex Features Guru exclusively refers to his female colleagues as “hot stuff”, “sweet cheeks”, “good-loooking” and “toots” and all manner of other affectionate business terms. Consequently, he was horrified to read that bus drivers for the Brighton and Hove Bus and Coach Company have been warned that referring to customers as “babe” or “love” […]
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