Working for free: blame it on the sunshine

Image: Rex Features

For most of us it’s nearly payday. But this year there’s longer than normal to wait for payday thanks to an aberration deviously inserted into the calendar called 29 February. As if it weren’t bad enough having to spend another day living on grubs and pond water to survive till payday, this extra day also means working a day for free. That’s right: tomorrow we have to work for free. If you don’t believe me just ask the Herald Sun.

Guru is refusing to acknowledge the existence of 29 February. If the earth can’t be bothered to rotate quickly enough around the sun, then Guru doesn’t see why he should bother to get out of bed one extra day this year to fix its mistakes. And why does it always do it in February?! Why can’t it do it in June when it’s sunny?!

For all these reasons Guru recommends going to bed tonight and waking up on 1 March as usual.