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Bring-dad-to-work day backfires on Bernard Tomic

Image: Rex Features Relationships at work can cause problems. Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic found this week that having your nearest and dearest around at work isn’t always entirely desirable. Tomic’s father, who is also his coach, was making his displeasure with his son’s performance quite clear during Tomic’s quarter-final match against David Ferrer at […]
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Throw away your smartphone

Guru feels very happy with himself this morning, having read that researchers from Harvard Business School found that workers are more productive who ensure they take one evening off a week when they do not engage in any work-related activities at all, such as checking emails. Guru has been operating a policy where he designates […]
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Telegraph gives mixed messages on teambuilding

Image: Rex Features The Telegraph has reported on the latest craze in teambuilding: sheep herding. According to a glowing article, Raising the Baa helps teams bond and develop teamwork through herding sheep into pens. The Telegraph goes on to quote co-owner of the Raising the Baa, Chris Farnsworth, who says “This event helps groups of […]
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All of West Sussex to face sack over council videos

West Sussex County Council has spent £100,000 over the last five years establishing a film unit and subsequently financing 92 independent films. The films cover topics such as “How To Wash Your Hands Effectively” and “How To Use a Mobile Phone”*, topics on which the council had clearly established there was no existing advice on […]
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Fat model wins case against Elite model agency

Big, fat, whale-of-a-model Ananda Marchildon has won her case against model agency Elite, who had demanded in March 2010 that the 5ft-11-inch-tall Marchildon reduce her hips to “no more than 90 cm at the end of June.” Marchildon, who presumably spent the intervening months bingeing on Easter eggs, spectacularly failed to slim down, reporting for […]
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Women’s workplace weeping under the spotlight

Image: Rex Features The University of Bedfordshire has conducted research into the reasons why women cry at work. Professor Gail Kinman has interviewed 59 women who have cried at work to find out why they’ve cried, how they felt about it and how they thought it had impacted on their careers. Guru wouldn’t have liked […]
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Whitehall targets -£1.2bn savings in ambitious efficiency drive

Image: Rex Features “It takes money to make money”, they say. A less well known phrase is “It takes huge amounts of money to save money”, but this is exactly the philosophy that Whitehall has adopted in its efforts to reduce spending. The Telegraph reports that Whitehall has spent £1.4bn in its efforts to save […]
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Employers can benefit from the innumerates

Image: Rex Features Guru was shocked to read that only 22% of adults in England have sufficient maths skills to pass GCSE maths with a decent grade. This is absolutely astonishing – anybody familiar with football or the X Factor will be aware that this means that anywhere between 88% and 999,978% of people lack […]
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