Archive | April, 2012

Australian MP offers a lesson in obedience

Guru expects nothing but blind faith from his HR team. As such, Guru has been holding up Australian MP Bill Shorten as the embodiment of the characteristics Guru is looking for in his team – well, apart from being Australian, obviously. In an interview with Sky News, Shorten was asked for his opinion on whether […]
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Data firm tells staff to pod up or shut up over commuter woes

Irritatingly named data services provider Interxion has come up with an ingenious solution to its employees’ impending commuter problems during the 2012 London Olympics: the firm has equipped its office with can-shaped beds from Podtime. The pods entirely obviate the need for staff to go home. They also make lateness completely unjustifiable. The following exchange […]
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Guru introduces the “Brick scale” to prevent pretty women discrimination

Guru has had a very busy couple of days, having been alerted to one of the most overlooked and most damaging areas of workplace discrimination: anti-pretty women discrimination. The whole office has been talking about this issue, which came to light yesterday with a groundbreaking piece of journalism from pretty journalist Samantha Brick, whose article […]
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