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Hospital staff thanked with Kitkat vouchers

Staff at Torbay Hospital might reasonably have expected to receive some token of thanks from management after winning the prestigious Acute Healthcare Organisation of the Year award at the Health Service Journal awards… and they were not disappointed! Well, that’s not strictly true. As Guru knows all too well, you can’t please everybody all of […]
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Tensies to replace elevenses, says Pomegreat

Image: Rex Features The good people at Pomegreat are going around saying that tensies is replacing elevenses and that “experts” are recommending that a break at ten be formally scheduled. Guru is aghast – he’s never had elevenses in his life. Consequently, he’s vowed to replace not having elevenses with having tensies and elevenses. He’s […]
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Nine out of ten hurdles is not good enough

Image: Rex Features Guru always tells his staff that he will accept nothing less than 100% from them. Sadly, Guru’s approach is not replicated across Britain, as was in evidence at the Manchester GreatCity Games where British athlete Jessica Ennis thought she was competing in the 100m hurdles. The managing director of hurdles has obviously […]
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Guru undertakes laughter implementation initiative

Guru is always looking for ways to lift his staff. He watches them mooch around the office with their sunken eyes and curved backs and wishes there was something he could do to help himself not have to bear such a miserable sight. His efforts to perk them up have previously been limited to sending […]
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Guru up for CEO position at Yahoo

Image: Rex Features Guru is sad to announce that this may be the last Guru post he ever writes. He was checking his CV last night and discovered that he has a computer science degree from Cambridge and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Although his memory of these periods of his life are quite […]
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Colin Jackson in fast typing tournament

Image: Rex Features With the Olympics just around the corner retired athletes are being presented with many exciting opportunities. Colin Jackson used to thrill us on the track with his lightning reflexes and effortless style over the 110m hurdles, and now he’s thrilling a new generation by giving talks about the importance of fast typing. […]
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Swedish workers say ja to lunchtime clubbing

If, in the afternoon of a working day, like Guru, you feel tired, bored, disillusioned, despairing, like you could burst into tears at any moment, then you might want to consider a new craze sweeping through Sweden: lunchtime clubbing. Started in Stockholm, lunchtime clubbing involves going to a club… at lunchtime. Unlike normal clubbing, at […]
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Fiorentina manager’s new disciplinary procedure proves unpopular

Conversations regarding disciplinary issues rank among the least enjoyable duties that befall a line manager. It can be difficult to know how to broach a subject. The conversations are often awkward for both parties – the subject of disciplinary action may often be hostile to proceedings or, perhaps worse, upset by them. Fiorentina manager Delio […]
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