Fiorentina manager’s new disciplinary procedure proves unpopular

Conversations regarding disciplinary issues rank among the least enjoyable duties that befall a line manager. It can be difficult to know how to broach a subject. The conversations are often awkward for both parties – the subject of disciplinary action may often be hostile to proceedings or, perhaps worse, upset by them.

Fiorentina manager Delio Rossi was obviously anxious to avoid such difficulties when midfielder Adem Ljajic demonstrated a blatant disciplinary breach by sarcastically clapping Rossi when leaving the field having been substituted. Clearly wishing to avoid an awkward conversation, Rossi took decisive action, throwing himself at Ljajic and repeatedly punching him in the face.

Fiorentina president Andrea Della Valle didn’t approve of the new disciplinary procedure, sacking Rossi after the game with immediate effect, though he could have saved himself a lot of trouble by simply punching Rossi in the face and drawing a line under the whole thing.