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Coffee drinking probably the secret to success

Image: Rex Features According to the Guardian, coffee is the drink of choice for high achievers. Apparently, 77% of senior managers choose coffee over tea and 70% of high earners like coffee more than tea. Those are some compelling statistics. Guru has taken this to mean that drinking coffee makes you successful and that presumably […]
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Science is for girls

Everybody knows that women are good at talking to people and washing up, and men are good at building bridges and doing maths, which is why science is definitely not for girls… Well, prepare to be amazed everybody, because according to the European Commission, science actually is a feasible career option for women. In fact, […]
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More really, really good looking people discrimination

Life can be difficult when you’re very attractive, good at singing and also very good at your job – Guru knows this all too well! So it proved for fellow over-achiever Erika Bonilla who is suing the FBI, claiming she’s been harassed because she’s so good looking and good at singing. All Guru’s readers will […]
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Tennis line-judging added to world’s most dangerous jobs

Image: Rex Features To a list traditionally populated with loggers, miners, firefighters, bomb disposal experts and deep-sea fishermen we can now add tennis line-judges. David Nalbandian conspired to make being a line judge even more dangerous than it already was (not dangerous at all) by booting an advertising board into an official’s leg. Apart from […]
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Do 14% of your emails contain gossip? They should!

Is every seventh email you get about some juicy gossip? If it isn’t tell your colleagues to get more interesting lives, because it should be, according to the Daily Mail. Guru estimates that he’s received about seven emails about gossip in his entire career – maybe he should start talking to his colleagues. They all […]
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Waiting around after coach journeys is all part of growing up

Image: Rex Features Guru once went travelling round Europe with very little money. One of his least fond memories was being holed up in an all-night bar in Prague to avoid paying for a hostel after a coach journey from Berlin that left more night than was desirable. Guru was quickly spied by a patron […]
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Guru responds to CIPD chief’s clarion call on banking

According to the new CIPD chief, Peter Cheese, “HR is key to restoring trust in banking“. Guru was surprised to hear this, having previously suspected that HR was a very tiny part of what is needed to restore trust in banking, but wants to do what little he can to contribute. So, here goes: trust […]
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