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Research shows HR should get to plan more strategies

According to XpertHR research, there are more organisations that involve senior managers from outside HR in planning HR strategy than organisations that seek the input from managers within HR. The research mentions some numbers and percentages. It says that so and so amount of organisations do involve HR and an amount of others don’t. It […]
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London travel during the Olympics: probably not that bad

Image: Rex Features It’s the first working day of the Olympics. People having to go anywhere at all in London are braced for chaos and confusion, but Guru is going to make a bold and uncharacteristic prediction about travelling in London during the Olympics: it’s not going to be that bad. The whole Olympics travel […]
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Guru hopes North Korea flag joke is first of hilarious Olympics

Image: Rex Features Guru absolutely loved the first day of the London Olympics 2012 and hopes the North Korea, oops South Korea, flag mix-up is a sign of things to come. With all the stuffiness surrounding the corporate sponsorship of the Olympics and the intense professionalism of many of the athletes, Guru thinks this new […]
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Britain is happy, finds ONS survey

Image: Rex Features If, like Guru, you are greeted each morning by rows or miserable faces poking over their computer screens, you’ll be surprised to hear that Britain is generally quite a happy place. This cheering news comes from the first ever survey into the nation’s well-being. The survey, by the Office for National Statistics, […]
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Britain’s spies not paid enough, says MI6 chief

Image: Rex Features Britain’s spies are not being paid enough to go the “extra mile” according to the head of MI6, Sir John Sawers. New recruits to MI5, MI6 and GCHQ start on £25,000. This rises to £43,000 after ten years of service. Sawer’s comments, from the Intelligence and Security Committee’s (ISC) annual report, paint […]
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Draw the blinds – the sun’s out

Image: Rex Features Wednesday is set to be the hottest day of the year, with temperatures predicted to reach 30C. In fact, it’s going to be nice all week, unless you live somewhere ridiculous like Northern England or Scotland (heaven forbid). For Guru, and all HR professionals, such conditions automatically trigger a heightened sense of […]
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19th century factory ledger shows how little things have changed

Image: Rex Features Guru’s interest was piqued today by a Daily Mail story about a manager’s book from the Royal Worcester porcelain factory in the 19th century. The book details the disciplinary issues faced in the porcelain factory and the punishments meted out to offenders. Guru was surprised to discover that he faces many of […]
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Guru proposes new G4S theme song

Image: Rex Features It’s not been a good week for G4S. They’ve spectacularly failed to fulfil their contractual obligations to secure the Olympics and then Nick Buckles stunned everybody at the Home Affairs Select Committee by appearing as incompetent and witless as any of the bankers or Murdochs that have been dragged through the various […]
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Guru blog rebranded for August

Guru was reading an article this morning about Olympic brand police hitting the streets to ensure the integrity of the Olympics isn’t destroyed by local businesses trying to associate themselves with the games, and it gave him a brilliant idea… So… please allow Guru to unveil the Olympics HR blog. Until the end of August […]
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Michael Johnson drawn into torch nonsense

Image: Rex Features Guru expressed his disgust for the procession of the torch, or “stupid torch” as he wittily wrote in Guru hates the Olympics, in his latest hard-hitting blog. Guru also wrote, in the self-same blog, of his respect and admiration for the great Michael Johnson, a man who’s furnished many athletics fans with […]
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