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Supermarket’s “no Asians” job ad probably not okay

Navigating discrimination laws can be genuinely difficult for employers, but there are cases that are more clear cut than others. The following advert, posted on Gumtree by a subcontractor working for Coles supermarket in Australia, probably crosses the line into unacceptable: “Positions available for experienced cleaners in supermarket cleaning for night and/or morning work. Must […]
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Tear down your hierarchy with a choir

Image: Rex Features If you want to tear down barriers in your organisational hierarchy, consider organising a choir. Gareth Malone, the bloke off The Choir (a show in which he probably organised a choir full of rough inner-street kids whose lives were turned around by singing together), has been doing just this at the NHS […]
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Monday is just another terrible working day

Image: Rex Features Researchers have found that Monday is not an unusually depressing day. It’s actually just one of four extremely depressing days running from Monday through Thursday. Data collected from Gallup telephone interviews indicates that people are equally unhappy on all working days except Friday. According to Professor Stone of Stony Brook University (his […]
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Beware potential-Olympian discrimination

Image: Rex Features Employers all over Britain are going to be feeling nervous as it has emerged that if you are British you are almost certainly capable of winning an Olympic medal in one or more sports. Employers should be particularly wary of entering into conversations with any tall employees, all of whom could definitely […]
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Team building lessons for HR from the Olympics coverage

Image: Rex Features Guru has noticed a tactic in media reporting of the Olympics that could be of benefit to employers hoping to galvanise their staff round a common cause: xenophobia. Yesterday, British teenage superstar Philip Hindes powered Britain’s men’s sprint team to victory with a sensational first lap. This morning, the "German-born" Philip Hindes […]
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