Guru delights in CIPD conference program

Guru has been keenly scouring the CIPD conference fixture list, looking for the key seminars that will furnish his team with the knowledge and skills to tackle what’s likely to be another tough year in HR. In difficult financial times, with smaller HR teams trying to manage the consequences of redundancies and restructuring, there are three keys issues on Guru’s mind: engagement, cultural change and becoming a business partner.

Fortunately, the CIPD has delivered on these key issues with what Guru considers the absolutely right proportion (a third) of the three days devoted to engagement, cultural change and business alignment, with the following seminars:

  • How to engage a geographically dispersed workforce
  • Aligning your HR strategy with your organisation’s business goals
  • HR shared services – creating a high performing organisation through cultural change
  • Building organisational influence and becoming a true partner
  • Team coaching: creating cultural change
  • Building trust in your organisation to enhance productivity
  • How can HR improve influence with the board?
  • Constructing an effective internal communication network to improve employee relations
  • Values-led leadership: restoring trust and enhancing engagement
  • Maintaining employee engagement through SME growth
  • Commercially-focused HR business partners
  • Using OD to drive culture change
  • Improving engagement rates in your organisation on a restricted budget
  • Using HR leadership to unite your organisation and successfully adapt to change
  • Using employee engagement surveys to develop a business strategy and resolve your hidden organisational problems
  • What drives and delivers engaged employees?

The brilliance of the program creates huge problems for Guru. For example, on Tuesday from 14.00 the seminars entitled “HR shared services – creating a high performing organisation through cultural change” and ” Team coaching: creating cultural change” run simultaneously. And then in the afternoon another clash between “Building organisational influence and becoming a true partner” and “How can HR improve influence with the board?” compounds the problem. Can there be an HR person attending the conference who won’t want, nay need, to attend all of these seminars?! Guru can only imagine the problems caused by this scheduling, as HR professionals up and down the country introduce inherently flawed cultural change programs and falter in their efforts to becomes true partners.

Guru hopes the CIPD will see sense and consider abolishing any of the flimflam on the conference bill to allow for a reshuffle… seriously, is it really necessary to have a whole one seminar on rewards?! We’ve just this second come out of a recession – it’s only going to depress everybody!