Guru demands “binders full of men”

Guru has been advertising for a new member of his HR team and has been very disappointed that, for the umpteenth time, he’s been inundated with applications from qualified women, but has had no male applicants at all.

Well, Guru has always been committed to creating an equal opportunities workplace, so he marched straight out into the office and told his team “go find me qualified male HR professionals… and put them in a binder… I mean, put their CVs in a binder”.

After an extensive search – involving Guru’s almost exclusively female team visiting football matches, car trade shows, illegal cock fights and just hanging around outside male toilets – Guru was presented with a binder replete with the names of unemployed men. As it turns out, they were all unsuitable (and often quite aggressive) and Guru hired a lovely woman called Sharon… but the point is he tried. What have you done recently to redress the gender imbalance in HR?! Nothing probably.

One Response to Guru demands “binders full of men”

  1. Carol Gee 25 October 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    I couldn’t agree more with Guru’s observations in that there is decidely a lack of suitable male HR professionals at the level he was looking for. However, this being the case there appears to be a high percentage of men in top roles within HR. My question to Guru is where do these men come from if not through the ranks?
    Good luck to Sharon!!