Archive | December, 2012

Forgive Andrew Mitchell for Christmas

Although Guru takes an instant dislike to anybody who’s not embarrassed to identify themselves as a Tory, he was amazed to read this morning that a YouGov poll found that 49% of people think Andrew Mitchell would have been right to resign on the basis of having said “I thought you lot were supposed to […]
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Cathay Pacific staff plan mass sulk

Cathay Pacific staff have voted to withhold food, alcohol and smiles from customers during the Christmas period over a pay dispute. Management are offering them a 2% payrise, but union bosses want 5%. Guru doubts the measures will make much difference. Guru has barely smiled in 40 years and nobody is offering him a payrise.
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Shares for rights consultation an early Christmas present

Amongst all the miserable weather and the rapid approach of the odious time of year that is Christmas, Guru has been hugely uplifted by the publication of a document entitled “Implementing Employee Owner Status: Government Response to Consultation“. The BIS is not usually a source of happiness and laughter, but the document delivers in spades. […]
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