Stop trying to inspire me and get on with your work

Guru is back at work and is quite comfortable being back, having always believed that routine and hard work are healthy for the soul. What he isn’t comfortable with is the new year blight of being bombarded with “inspiring” messages from his colleagues and peers who obviously feel that a week’s holiday warrants a great inquisition on the nature of life.

In Guru’s Twitter feed, four of the last five tweets offer him unsought life advice from dead presidents and dead CEOs. At no point this morning was Guru seeking to escape a life of living in fear or find the formula to success or escape the claws of dogma. He just wanted to make a coffee and catch up with all the work he needs to do.

As such, Guru has devised this clever, very quotable, quote for all his inspiring well-wishers: “stop trying to inspire me and get on with your work”.