Michael Jackson fans pull sickie over singer’s death

Michael Jackson is dead. As the news broke late last night it shocked thousands of fans across the globe.

And if the Twitterati is anything to go by, some die-hard fans will take the day off work, too distracted to do anything else.

One Tweet reads: “”Since Michael Jackson is dead I’m not going to work!! I’m gonna tell my boss that I’m too sad to come in.” Another demonstrates just how distracted Michael Jackson lovers will be at work. “Still at work…watchin michael jackson videos on youtube,” it reads.

Nobody can believe that the King of Pop, aged 50, had died of a heart attack – just weeks before his sell-out 50-tour-date show was due to begin.

Celebrity website TMZ first broke the news, shortly followed by mainstream newspaper LA Times. News reels in Britain reported the singer, famous for smash hits Thriller, Beat It and Billie Jean, was reportedly dead, but it took the BBC in particular a while to confirm it as truth.

Jackson died of cardiac arrest in his home. He arrived at the LA hospital already unconscious and doctors were unable to save him.

Are you affected by the news? Will you take the day off work or do you suspect your team mates might?

One Response to Michael Jackson fans pull sickie over singer’s death

  1. Matt 26 June 2009 at 11:44 am #

    anyone who take the day off because of this wants sacking