Junior Apprentice Week 4: Cherry picked to go but Arjun to win

hannah-cherry_225-150x150.jpgArsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s team is so wonderful, in his opinion, that they deserve to win every game they play. When they aren’t victorious it isn’t because of any failings in his side, rather it is due to other factors such as a bad refereeing decision or the brutality of the opposition. In pychological jargon it is known as attribution error but I like to call it Arsene’s Way. The process enables people to maintain their self esteem-they take the credit for success but blame others for failure-but ultimately it is self-deluding and by its very nature prevents any learning from occurring. Tim Ankers shares this characteristic with the Gunners’ boss. Last night as project leader of the losing team in a task to sell art, everyone else was to blame, including, somewhat remarkably, the patrons who chose not to visit his gallery.

Kirsty Cleaver. an outsider to win, again showed willingness to work hard for the team, Brisk and task oriented her people skills leave a lot to be desired and decisiveness comes at the expense of any real analysis or strategy. It will be interesting to see how she performs as PM, One thing that surprises me about Kirsty and some of the other young people is their lack of openness to new experiences, When pushed out of their comfort zone the typical response is one of ‘I know nothing about this’ and the negativity affects their performance.

Ultimately the winning team led by Emma Walker, approached their task with more thought and a greater appreciation of what was expected of them.However, after impressing last week Zoe Plummer regressed to her domineering ways and lacked any insight into her behaviour.

Meanwhile Hannah Cherry was the latest teenager to be fired. Her performance has been lacklustre throughout and her slowness to learn and change ultimately cost her. No real surprise that she had to leave.

Arjun Rajyagor’s lead has extended after this week and not just because his closest competitors have stumbled: he is a fine candidate.He is assured under pressure, possesses business savvy and can be relied upon to do his job. He has a good all round skill set in other words and,whilst we need to see what he is like when he is leading a team, deserves to win the competition,


Binna Kandola

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Diversity, Assessment and Development Specialist Professor Binna Kandola is a Business Psychologist, Senior Partner and co-founder of Pearn Kandola.