So who’s who in The Apprentice? Meet the boys

Alex_Epstein_250.jpgAlex Epstein

Age: 26 

Job: Unemployed head of communications

Lives: Manchester

Alex was sacked from his first job making ice cream at Haagen Dazs but then moved into corporate communications. He spent his childhood coming up with new products and claims he had an idea similar to the bendy bus. He lost his job before applying for the show due to the recession.

Interesting fact: He once sang the American National Anthem to President Bush Snr at a charity dinner.

Chris_bates_250.jpgChris Bates

Age: 23

Job: Investment banker

Lives: Surrey

Chris graduated with a first class honours degree from Nottingham University and has worked for investment bank JP Morgan. In his early career he worked at a pub and an off-licence. He names Gordon Ramsay as one of his greatest business icons.

Interesting fact: He would like to head up a pharmaceutical company that finds a cure for worldwide illnesses.

Christopher_Farrell_250.jpgChristopher Farrell

Age: 28

Job: Mortgage broker

Lives: Cheshire

Chris enlisted in the Marines at 16 and was sent to Iraq, Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Afghanistan during his 10 years’ service. He moved on to become a mortgage broker and is committed to health and fitness.

He describes himself as “focused and driven”. 

dan_harris_250.jpgDan Harris

Age: 34

Job: Sales director

Lives: Oxfordshire

Fitness is high on the agenda for Dan, who once held the world record for the fastest ascent and descent of Mount Kenya. He launched a nightclub promotions company at university and worked as a recruitment consultant before moving to IT.

Interesting fact: He was an extra in Steven Spielberg’s movie Saving Private Ryan.

jamie_lester_250.jpgJamie Lester

Age: 28

Job: Overseas property developer

Lives: London

Former estate agent Jamie owned two properties by the age of 23. He started his own company shortly after and turned over £1,000,000 in two-and-a-half years. He has four children and is a fan of dogs, cars and water sports.

He describes himself as “honest and trustworthy”.

Raleigh_Addington_250.jpgRaleigh Addington

Age: 22

Job: Unemployed graduate

Lives: London

Raliegh is a recent graduate who studied Economics and Politics at Exeter University. While working in the university’s fundraising department, he managed to bring in a donation of £1,000,000. He is a professional tennis coach and spent his gap year living in Shanghai.

He describes himself as “enthusiastic, friendly and ambitious”.

Shibby_Robati_250.jpgShibby Robati

Age: 27

Job: Surgeon and business owner

Lives: London

Shibby is a fully qualified surgeon who has ventured into business development. In the first year of setting up two businesses, he made £150,000 turnover and more than £80,000 profit. He says his biggest strength is knowing his own weaknesses. 

Interesting fact: he claims to be a voice impersonator and comedian.

Stuart_Baggs_250.jpgStuart Baggs

Age: 21

Job: Telecoms entrepreneur

Lives: Isle of Man

Stuart is The Apprentice’s youngest ever candidate. He had a taste for business early, selling yo-yos in the school playground and launching his own telecommunications company at 19.

Stuart describes himself as having “no sense of political correctness”.