The Apprentice Week 9: Moore’s shown the door


A conspiracy theorist would say that the reshuffling of the teams this week was designed to ensure that one of the two weakest contenders, Laura Moore and Stuart Baggs, would be certain to be fired. The teams were back into the original male and female groups from the first task. The women, comprising Joanna Riley, Stella English, Liz Locke and Laura, clearly had much the strongest line-up, but surprisingly they were defeated by the chaps, led by Jamie Lester.

There is a psychological concept known as Counterproductive Work Behaviour (CWB) and it refers to actions that a person takes that threaten the performance and well being of others, as well as the organisation,  and includes dishonesty, assault  and sabotage. Laura has been displaying types of CWB for a few weeks now, in particular that of sabotage. 

She has been careful in several of the tasks to ally herself to the project manager and in doing so has quietly but insistently undermined other team members. Calling this sabotage may be a bit harsh but her primary objective was usually not the successful completion of the project but self preservation.

This is linked to a passive-aggressive approach which means that she doesn’t deal with disagreements directly but withdraws and moans to others about perceived grievances. She possesses a lot of abilities but her personality style means that she doesn’t make the most of them. Once her team was defeated it was the right outcome for her to be fired.

Laura’s team leader Liz Locke took a bit of a battering for failing to recognise that this task was about negotiating and that there was no discussion of how to deal with the various traders they were to encounter, which contrasted with Jamie’s explicit instructions to his team on this point. 

However that was a little unfair as the obscure items had to be located first of all and in that respect Liz had a good strategy that enabled them to buy all of the products. Liz has many good qualities and works best within a reasonably structured framework but she lacks a degree of flexibility. Ultimately this could prove to be what counts most against her.

Jamie has managed to bring himself back into contention but Joanna Riley is, as she has been for many weeks, still the one to beat.


The Apprentice League week 9
Joanna Riley 32
Jamie Lester 28
Liz Locke 26
Stella English 25
Chris Bates 18
Christopher Farrell (Fired wk8) 10
Laura Moore (Fired wk9) 10
Sandeesh Samra (Fired wk7) 8
Alex Epstein (Fired wk6) 7
Stuart Baggs 4
Paloma Vivcanco (Fired wk5) 3
Shibby Robati (Fired wk3) 2
Melissa Cohen (Fired wk4)) 2
Dan Harris (Fired wk1) 2
Raleigh Addington (Quit Wk2) 1
Joy Stefanicki (Fired Wk2) 1

N.B. Stuart Baggs’s scores two weeks ago were posted incorrectly, an error that was not put right last week but which has been rectified now. Apologies.

Binna Kandola

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