The Apprentice Week 1 preview: Lord Sugar is not looking for a friend as the candidates set up printing businesses

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In episode one of this year’s Apprentice, airing on Wednesday 21st March, we will discover whether or not a wrestler, an architect and a shark diver can set up successful printing businesses.

The teams will once again be split into boys and girls as they battle to make the most profit from creating designs and printing them onto mugs and mouse mats.

Each team will be given £500 to buy the bare materials and will have to use their creative skills to design images to decorate them and then sell them to the public.

Much like last year, Lord Sugar will be looking for entrepreneurial spark in the candidates and will be investing £250,000 into a business with the winner, instead of the prize of a six-figure salary job given in the first six series.

We can also look forward to a dose of Lord Sugar’s trademark bark when he tells the candidates that he is not looking for a friend in this process:

“This is not about a job anymore and I’m not looking for a friend, if I wanted a friend I’d get a dog. I’m looking for a partner, the ‘Marks’ to my ‘Spencer’, the ‘Lennon’ to my ‘McCartney’. This is about me investing £250,000 into a business with one of you and I’m expecting you, as the so called entrepreneurs, to make the money for me.” 

He will also stress to the candidates that The Apprentice should not be confused with the popular children’s book Where’s Wally

“Some of you may come here with preconceived plans of how this is going to play out. Let me give you a warning, don’t try and hide. We’re not playing Where’s Wally here. I’m not looking for Lord Lucan, I’m looking for somebody who is going to put themselves forward and show me that they have got the aggression and business acumen to be my partner.”

In future episodes, we will also see the candidates design a new household gadget, produce a condiment, open a junk shop, create a fitness DVD, represent urban/street artists and promote English sparkling wine.

With this year’s candidates featuring a full-time recruitment manager, a part-time wrestler named Ricky Martin and a managing director with two pet sharks; it looks as though we can expect some entertaining board-room encounters with Lord Sugar.