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The Apprentice Week 6: Katie Wright gets it wrong

This series of the Apprentice is turning into the series of thinking errors. We have seen a lack of creative thinking across the teams (need I mention the tap-cosy in episode 2?). Last week we were witness to a range of decision-making errors and this week a clutch of strategic errors were the downfall of […]
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Duane’s departure and the Dragons’ Den factor

Travelling commitments meant that I missed last week’s Apprentice episode and will mean I won’t be able to see the next two either (although a colleague will be writing the blog in my place). I was suitably surprised to learn, though, that our early table topper, Duane, had been shown the finger by his Lordship.  […]
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The Apprentice Week 5: Apprentice decision-making skills not “fit” for purpose

This week’s Apprentice saw the two teams battling for supremacy in the keep-fit market. Team Stirling offered “Beat Battle”, an exercise class combining martial arts and dance, whilst team Phoenix touted “Groove Train”, a class based around three random “retro” items (space hopper, hula hoop and skipping rope). So did we see kung-fu fighting between […]
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The Apprentice Week 4: Judgemental Jane justly junked

A roomful of rubbish picked over with dispassionate disdain by a group of critics – I attempt to resist seeing the tasks as metaphors for The Apprentice itself, but can’t resist.  Last night, the candidates had to find and then sell junk and the two sets of competitors adopted very different strategies. The team led […]
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The Apprentice Week 3: Michael fails to cut the mustard

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and I had a nice little thing going on at one time – until I followed one of his recipes and found I had ingredients left over. After that, I felt I could no longer trust him. Last night’s programme, to produce and sell a new condiment, found our now mixed-sex teams struggling […]
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