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The Apprentice Final – Ideas man Tom takes the top prize!

Congratulations to Tom on being hired as Lord Sugar’s Apprentice for 2011. His success is good news not just for Tom, but also for business in general for two key reasons.  Firstly, Lord Sugar’s decision makes it clear that you don’t have to be a megalomaniac in business to be successful. Within the few first […]
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The Apprentice Analysed correctly predicts the final four

Obviously I am delighted that our system has identified the finalists again. Three of them - Susan, Jim and Tom – have been in the top three since the first programme with Helen having come through later. Her lack of prominence in the earlier programmes meant that we never saw her in action enough to get […]
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The Apprentice Week 11: Not-so-fast food means adiós, Natasha!

In this week’s Apprentice it became clear that neither Geography nor History are strong subjects for the remaining hopefuls and their punctuation’s not so hot either – Caraca’s (sic) with an apostrophe?! The key question, however, is how are they doing in terms of their business studies? Well, this week’s episode was one of clear […]
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The Apprentice Week 10: Scribbins scrabbles through but Melody is left whistling in the dark

There were several unprecedented features in this show: an extra fine was imposed on a team because of their sheer incompetence, the winning team was denied their reward and a team member tried to wrestle the leadership from the project manager.  The most exceptional aspect though is the fact that someone with only one point […]
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The Apprentice Week 9: Zoe crumbles in biscuit task

Apprentice team composition is nothing to do with how the cookie crumbles but is manipulated and last night, in a task to create and market a new biscuit, was no exception with the two lowest scorers in our table moved into different teams. This put Natasha, the queen of waffle, in the firing line but […]
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Leon - fired this week

The Apprentice Week 8: Lights out for chocolate teapot Leon

Not so much “Oh la la” as “Huh?” for Team Logic as all four team members demonstrated a distinct lack of ability on this week’s French task.  Tom, who has been a consistently good team player in previous tasks, failed to step up to the mark this week as team leader. His inability to manage some […]
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The Apprentice Week 7: Read all about it! Glenn gets fired!

It can be difficult to see the world as someone else sees it, particularly if you are very different from them. One way of getting around this is to talk to that other person. Simple as that. Oh yes, and to listen to what they tell you. If last night’s assignment was anything to go […]
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The Apprentice Week 6: Edna’s not forgiven while Zoe the bully survives

  Last night’s task was to set up a waste collection business and whilst Lord Sugar described losing project manager Zoe Beresford as ‘a bull in a china shop’, I think it’s more accurate to call her a bully in a china shop. There is a tendency to think of bullying as involving quite obvious actions such […]
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The Apprentice Week 5: Vincent and Ellie bow-wow out with a dog’s dinner of a product

We’ve seen it time and time again. One team self-destructs before our eyes, as the over-bearing leader divides the group and pushes the product with the dodgy name. Meanwhile, the other team works cohesively, has strong leadership and nails the presentation – high fives all round. Who wins? Don’t ask – it’s too obvious. An […]
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The Apprentice Week 4: Felicity gets her hide tanned for making a loss

Beauty may be skin deep, but profits go straight to Lord Sugar’s steely cold heart. And when you make a loss, someone’s got to pay. This week it was Felicity who departed, without so much as a farewell glance from her colleagues, after yet another ugly brawl in the boardroom. Adopting the classic Belbin ‘team […]
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