Workload pressure | How to juggle your priorities


Are you working late night after night because you’re inundated with various management requests, finding it hard to juggle all your priorities because every task needed to be done ‘yesterday’ – yet the mounting paperwork on your desk keeps on mounting up? If you’re finding it hard to juggle all the different tasks your role requires then you need to focus on your key priorities.

Jo Causon, director of marketing and corporate affairs of the Chartered Management Institute says that firstly, you should stop giving yourself such a hard time. In today’s busy environment, prioritising work is a major challenge for most individuals and that you are certainly not alone. Research by the Chartered Management Institute shows that 84% of managers find it difficult to juggle responsibilities and tasks…

Jo_Causon_50x50.jpg Jo Causon:

Step back and assess the situation. Consider each of the tasks you have to achieve and assess their importance by analysing when the deadline is and where the request originates from. You can then make a list of actions and prioritise them but make sure that each task is not too big. Break each one down into more manageable items on your to-do list so that you have a sense of achievement from reaching goals on a daily basis.

When activities have been outlined, they should be regularly revisited as priorities are likely to be changing all the time. Overall, it’s important not to try and pack too many actions into a short space of time. If you are often failing to reach the goals which you have set on a daily basis, you will become de-motivated.

Finally, to maximise the use of your time, consider if there are similar tasks that can be done together. For example, have you got a lot of performance reviews to get through which could be worked on at the same time? Combining activities will give you quick wins in terms of reducing your to-do list and make you feel more confident about managing your time.