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When it comes to salaries at least, it would seem that size doesn’t matter. A City & Guilds survey of 1000 adults has shown that fewer than half of them stayed in a role because of the size of their salary.

Work-life balance and good relationships with colleagues are apparently far more important, and according to Bob Coates, managing director of City & Guilds, “With a clear impact on the bottom line, improving workplace happiness is rising up the business agenda. Employers cannot afford to ignore it.”

Coates adds that “Companies can no longer rely on those established reward and recognition policies that fail to resonate with employees or combat stress levels in the workplace. By taking such a blinkered approach, they risk the rise of an unmotivated and unproductive workplace, or of potentially losing their staff to competitors.”

According to psychologist Cary Cooper, the survey results provide “a call to action for the business community to rethink its reward and recognition strategies and consider employees’ needs on an individual basis. A flexible approach is needed if businesses are to create a happy, and by association productive, workforce.”

As part of the survey, City & Guilds came up with a ‘happiness index’, which indicated how happy people are at work. Drum roll, please, for the happiest professions (and the not so happy) ….

  1. Beauty therapists
  2. Hairdressers
  3. The Armed Forces
  4. Catering (including chefs)
  5. Retail staff
  6. Teachers
  7. Marketing/ PR
  8. Accountants
  9. Secretaries/ receptionists
  10. Plumbers
  11. EngineersArchitects
  12. Journalists
  13. Mechanics
  14. HR
  15. Call centre workers
  16. IT specialists
  17. Nurses
  18. Bankers
  19. Builders

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One Response to Happiness at work | City & Guilds happiness index

  1. Karl Staib - Your Happiness Matters 21 June 2008 at 3:21 pm #

    Great list. I would never have thought that beauty therapists would be at the top of the work happy list, but it makes sense. They get to provide a service that the people love to receive.

    If someone is a plumber, teacher, or in marketing. A lot of times the consumer may not want to pay or give their attention.

    I’m also surprised by #3 armed forces. It would never make me happy, but that’s what makes the world go round.